HEDY - Life in the AI Era


HEDY is a European international project researching the importance and application of artificial intelligence in society, people lifestyle while presenting publicly up-to-date information, open courses and guidance for building competence in the field of AI. https://lifeintheaiera.eu/ 

HEDY is a project which intends to provide massive open online courses (MOOC) for free and open access for participants, with interactive forums, focused on Life in Artificial Intelligence.

Because Artificial Intelligence is the 4th industrial revolution and Hedy's goal is to be a free and accessible source of info about this digital technology which is not only the most relevant, but in fact, it is already being part of our life.

HEDY provides Artificial Intelligence information for free.

KA220-HED 0C8D3623 - Cooperation partnerships in higher education. HEDY - Life in the AI Era

The official webpage of Tihomir Dovramadjiev, Bulgarian Professor (Assoc.) PhD Eng (Bulgaria, 2012), 1-st European Chessboxing Champion (Germany, 2005) and FIDE Master Title (Switzerland, 2004)

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